truck parts quality control
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Truck Body Parts

Clutch Disc / Clutch Cover

Clutch Fork

Brake Shoe / Brake Pad

Brake Master / Brake Wheel /  Clutch Master / Clutch Slave Cylinder

Brake Drum / Hand Brake Drum



Crown Wheel Pinion


PUMP ( Vacuum Pump / Water Pump / Power Steering Pump / Oil pump )

Starter / Alternator

Turbo Charger

Clutch Booster / Air Brake Booster / Air Dryer

Air Compressor / Air Compressor Head

Air Spring

Shock Absorber

Fan Blade / Fan Clutch

Engine Mounting


Bushing / Rubber Bushing / Torque Rod Bushing

Oil Cooler Core / Oil Cooler Cover

Fuel Filter / Oil Water Separator

Air Filter / Fuel Filter

Fuel Tank Cover

Oil Seal

Drag Link / Tie Rod End

Electronic Parts

Other Parts


The quality of truck parts is related to safety and is also the basis for our long-term cooperation with customers. Quality assurance is the top priority of our work. In order to effectively control the quality of our products, we have adopted the following methods:


1. In the production process of goods, we strictly follow the product quality standards and comply with the production process regulations. Each product must pass strict testing and defective products are not allowed to enter the market;
2. Before the goods enter the warehouse, effective sampling must be carried out to ensure that the appearance, size, material and packaging of the goods meet the requirements;
3. Before the goods are shipped, all products are inspected to ensure that each product has no quality problems, and they are checked one by one according to the requirements raised by the customer to ensure that they are correct, and the packing list and product pictures are sent to the customer for confirmation;
4. We attach importance to the packaging process and formulate strict packaging standards for various types of goods;
5. After delivery, we provide relevant documents (such as warehouse receipt) to the customer and track the transportation process until the customer receives the goods and accepts them;
6. Return and refund terms: We are obliged to provide customers with accurate goods. If the wrong goods are sent due to our mistakes, we will unconditionally accept replacement or full refund, and bear the corresponding logistics losses (except if the customer provides wrong demand information, in which case we should not bear the corresponding losses);
7. Warranty terms: We provide a product warranty of half a year after the actual installation and use of the goods (except for some special wear parts such as tires), and we provide customers with professional after-sales service and technical support indefinitely.


We firmly believe that every cooperation is for better cooperation next time, and business is not a one-time, but a long-term one.